FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I reserve a table at the flea market?

Call or come by during our office hours. You can pay for the table in person or you can pay over the phone with a credit or debit card. When you arrive you can come by the office and pick up your receipt for your table rental.

By what time does a reserved (not paid) table need to be paid?

On Saturday, reserved tables are to be paid by 7:00am.
On Sunday, reserved tables are to be paid by 9:30am.

What time can I set up?

If you have pre-paid or you are going to set up in the first-come first-served area you may set up as early as you wish.

Can I sell foods?

To sell food at the flea market you MUST have a food permit from the South Carolina Department of Health (SC DHEC). If you sell under your own tent or out of your food trailer the standard food vendor fees apply. If you use a flea market table, you have to pay the table rental rate in addition to this fee.

Can I sell Icee or Snow Cones?

As above, standard food vendor fees apply.

Can I sell dogs or cats?

The selling of dogs or cats is prohibited at the market.

For additional vendor information, please visit the Vendors page